"Classical piano music is our life." say Piano Fischer; "To us it's the best thing in the world. Somehow these two make it better."

It seemed simple; Bota Zakir heard James E. Kenward speak his poetry and knew that if they put the words to music, both the piano and the poems would elevate to new levels. But it took almost a year to bring their first piece 'Borne’ to life, as they listened, experimented, selected and rehearsed each syllable to perfect position across songs by Eric Satie, Sergei Rachmaninov, and the pair's new composition ‘Fall’. When the prestigious Museum Villa Stuck became aware of the film made to complement this inspiring contemporary and classical arrangement, Beezy and the Breeze were invited to premier their work live in concert.

They've gone from strength to strength, collaborating on films and soundtracks with some of the most talented people working in poetry and film, from T.S. Eliot prize-winning poet Joelle Taylor, to Cannes Golden-Lion-winning cinematographer Jacob Proud. 

Their concerts, featuring poetry interwoven with classical piano masterpieces and synchronised with film, can only be described as something special.

Beezy and The Breeze are represented by Layerjam Productions